gPO won't take effect



Created an OU, moved users to that OU. Created a GPO which disables the use
of the registry editor in User configuration>administrative
templates>system. Used secedit to apply this GPO secedit /refreshpolicy
user_policy /enforce
No matter what I do it won't take effect..
(no other GPO's are active from site or domain level)
Server: windows 2000
Clients: XP SP2
event viewer states that the policies are applied succesfully
Thanks in regards,


Have you try running gpresult.. take a look at what policies have been



Did you possibly forget to link the Group Policy Object to the OU in
Have we verified that the DC that the users are authenticating to has
received the changes?
You could enable userenv debugging to determin what policies, what
settings are applying to the computer/user

How to enable user environment debug logging

Another tool you can use is RSoP

How To Install and Use RSoP in Windows Server 2003

Good luck

Harj Singh
Asset Managment done right

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