Lost the 'Save as' option



When I go to save my files, I no longer have two options: 'Save' and 'Save
as'. Since I often create alternate versions of the same document I use the
Save as option a lot, thereby keeping the original intact.

How do I remedy this situation?

Peter T. Daniels

Version of Word? Where do you "go" to save your files? What do you see/
not see when you get there?


Suzanne: Thank you for your help. It worked!Not quite in the way the
instructions laid out, but it was easy anyway.
Thanks so much.

Greg Maxey


Forgive Peter Daniels. He likes to feel important and bloat his post count
by asking questions when the answers are often obvious or unimportant.

Ms. Barnhill has provided you the standard process for resolving issues of
this type:

Yes, there are other ways to initiate the SaveAs dialog. You can customize
a toolbar and add the command or initiate the command with a keyboard
shortcut. Post back if you would like help with either of these methods.

Greg Maxey

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