Lost all my saved emails


Brendan Hanley

I recently had a problem with my computer and I had to erase everything from
my computer and reinstall everything.

I use virgin email but have outlook/windows mail connected to it. All my
virgin emails are tranferred to outlook/windows mail.

I saved my emails, in various folders I created, within the inbox folder.

When I have started up windows mail now all my old emails have disappeared.

Would anyone have a clue where they are?




Unless you backed up your data to an external scource all data has been
Assuming you set up Virgin mail as pop mail, the default action is to
download / remove all mail from the server, you could have selected the
option, within your mail setup, to keep a copy on the server. Or you could
have used imap to setup your mail account, assuming virgin supports imap -
(imap mail remains on the server)

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