Loss of referenced data (Titles) when upgrading from Excel 2000 to2007


Rita Brasher

I have many instances of the same type of issue, so will provide one
example. A solution for one should fix all...

I have a chart data sheet that 20+ charts reference every month. When
creating the titles for the charts, it was necessary to refer to the
month the chart represents. This information is located in one cell on
the data sheet. In Excel 2000, all one had to do was have the focus on
the chart, type in "=" and reference the cell the date is in. The data
in the cell would then show on the chart as basically a text box and I
could manipulate other words around it to make a title for the chart

Excel 2007 has deleted all of this type of cell reference on my charts.
What alternatives do I have for placing a dynamic text box which
references a cell onto a chart??

This is a huge issue, so am hoping someone has some advice.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!

Rita Brasher
Project Engineer
FedEx Express / Global Trade Services MIS&T




Maybe it has been killed as paert of a conversion between file formats,
but 2007 certainly supports the sort of thing you are talking about.
If you select the chart title box, or an axis label for example, you can
simply type in the formula bar what they should display, for example
="Sales figures for month of "&A1&" "&B1&" (USD Millions)"
(or something simpler pointing to a single cell that does the hard work
for you instead).

Hope this helps

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