Loss of practical tools with 2007 (email notifications + more)



Hi, I just recently started using 2007 (upgraded from 2003) and noticed some
really useful things were missing or not functioning with 2007. If it helps
in solving my issues, use Outlook Connector to link my hotmail account. Here
are the issues:

1. I don't receive the desktop notification with an incoming email even
though it's supposedly enabled.
2. The outlook tray icon doesn't have an envelope on it when I have new
emails in my inbox even though it's supposedly enabled. (Both 1 and 2 mean
that i have to constantly check my inbox for new emails).
3. Everytime i receive a new email and i highlight it so that I can preview
it, the email's status changes from unread to read. This is annoying because
I only previewed it and didn't double click to open it. This didn't happen
with 2003. I would like for my emails to remain "unread" even if i preview
4. My meetings/appointments don't show up on my "Today" screen. The
"today" screen is currently linked to my personal folders because I can't
find a way to link it to my hotmail account which is my default email
account. In Outlook 2003, I was able to link the "Today" screen to my
default email account and was able to see all my meetings for the week in the
screen. Now I have to keep checking my calendar for meetings.

I appreciate all the help you guys can provide. Thanks in advance.


Roady [MVP]

1) Set the message store of your Outlook Connector account as the default
File-> Data File Management...

2) Same as 1.

3) Same as in Outlook 2003;
Tools-> Options...-> tab Other-> button Reading Pane...

4) Same as 1.

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