Transfering emails from Windows Live Hotmail to Outlook 2007



I use Windows XP Prof Media Ctr Ed, SP3

Who ever answers this questiton, please stay linked in to any possible
responses made to your responses, thank you. Also, please answer the
following questions independently.

1. After transfering emails from my Windows Live Hotmail account into my
Outlook 2007 account, representing the same Hotmail account, and deleting
them from my Hotmail account, how can I get those emails back to my Hotmail
account? It may be necessary at some point to do this. Perhaps you only
want to use your Outlook 2007 account with only select emails, for example,
and not other emails.

2. Since it is necessary to sign into your Windows Live Hotmail account
periodically, in order to keep it open, is opening the Hotmail account in
your Outlook 2007 program the same thing? In other words, does it count in
the same way as if you opened your Windows Live Hotmail acccount directly?
Do you think Microsoft Outlook 2007 program designers accounted for this in
some way in the Outlook 2007 program?

3. When you send an email, it is saved in the sent folder of your Hotmail or
Outlook 2007 account respectively, do you know if there are any plans to do
something similar to the email format used with I believe G-Mail. I've been
told at G-Mail, they group received and sent emails in the same folder. This
seems a better plan to track communications. Because it avoids the need to
transfer emails from your inbox of received emails and sent email folders

Roady [MVP]

1) Then don't delete it. Why delete something if you still want to keep it?
As for your example; note that Hotmail in Outlook accessed via the Outlook
Connector is a 2-way sync. So delete something on the server and it is
deleted on the client after a sync. Delete something on the client and it is
deleted on the server after a sync.
If you don't want certain emails in the Inbox anymore, then move them to a
If you want to separate certain emails while receiving them, then either use
rules or get a second account.

2) Yes to both questions. Signing in via Outlook, counts as activity for
your account. Note that the inactivity limit is 120 days.

3) You can use Search Folders for that.


Thank you Roady for your response. For the most part, lots of what you say
is helpful. But it still is not solving my overall problem. However, I did
check off "yes" the response helped. Because it did in some ways.

You may want to follow the discussion thread at: "POP3 email continued" from
1/17/2009 to learn more about my issues. I am really making a major effort
to get to the solution to issues I'm facing. More info is available at the
1/17/2009 thread.

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