Looking for my BCM '03 contacts



I've installed Outlook '07 beta and BCM beta, but have lost my BCM contacts
from the Outlook & BCM '03 version I was using. I assume that the BCM
contacts are still on my hard drive in a file somewhere - but I don't know
where to look. Can anyone give me some suggestions?





When you started Outlook after installing BCM Beta, you must have gotten a
wizard. On that wizard, you probably choose Express option and that created
a new database. If you want to upgrade existing database, you would need to
choose advanced option.

TO fix it now, you can goto Business Contact Manager->Create or Select
Database menu. In the dialog that comes up, choose "Select Existing
Database". This will give you a list of databases available on that machine
in the drop down. You can choose your 2003 database and BCM will upgrade it.
You might want to restart Outlook after this process is over.


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