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Our insurance/financial advisor agency currently uses ACT 6.0 as our CRM to
keep track of our customers, marketing to new customers, and reports for how
many customers cancelled, etc. A database engineer suggested that I look
on the Microsoft website to see if there is a template already written for
insurance agents/financial advisors in Microsoft Access. ACT 6.0 is not
robust enough for reporting and I am finding too many limitations with it.


Thank you for the link. I was searching for "insurance". Is there a
place/company/website to go to buy MS access templates for particular
industries, like insurance agents?

Craig Alexander Morrison

I doubt you would find a template that would be that suitable, without a
fair bit of development work required, and that should be done by a
professional if it not to take over your real job.

Not sure if in USA (assuming that's where you are based) the financial
regulations are more extensive than the UK, if they are they may be some
similarity between companies.We have developed applications for the small to
medium sized companies for the Insurance industry in the UK, and have found
that the requirements of each company is quite different from another. If by
Agent you mean Broker we have about a dozen different clients in this area
and each application is significantly different. Once you get past the basic
Business Contacts (CRM) parts the differences flood in so I would expect
that any template that anyone may have would still require a fair bit of
development to suit your company.

It would be worth checking what similar companies are using in your business
area, obviously a direct compeditor would be unlikley to help. If you have
any trade conventions or some other networking meetings try to glean from
others what they are using. Depending upon their arrangement with their
developer they may be able to sell you a copy of their system or you could
share the cost of development.

Lynn Trapp

I don't know of any "insurance industry" specific templates that are
available for Access databases. If you do a Google search on "CRM for
Insurance in Microsoft Access", you will get a significant number of hits
that you can look through for a solution. Unless you are willing to do as
Craig suggested and hire a professional developer to create one for you from
scratch, you would probably wise to take the one I pointed you to and modify
it to suit your needs. Again, as Craig suggested, that might take the
services of a professional developer to get it right. You need to weigh the
cost, in time and labor, involved in doing it yourself against the cost of
hiring someone to do it for you.

Lynn Trapp
MS Access MVP
Access Security: www.ltcomputerdesigns.com/Security.htm
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