Long Names



I backed up a file on my hard drive to my external drive and when I tried to
delete it from the external drive I got a message that said contains items
that are too long for the recycle bin

Then I get message Cannot delete and it gives the name of the folder then
says Access denied . I see an item with a ~ and I read something about a
tilde and names that are too long so I can't delete Charts ~ (these charts
are from a genealogy program on my conputer)

How can I remove this from my External Drive.

I read somewhere in the MSDN Library re short names and long names and get
short name path but I really have trouble following all those instructions.

Can you help me remove the backup.



to list the short name along with long name for a directory
dir somedirectorypath /x
or more selectively
dir somedirectorypath /x ~*.*

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