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I had creaded a Run -Time image (XPE SP2) with MUI Language: english, german
and french. I change to german language “language used in menus and dialogsâ€
and select the „apply all settings to the current user account and to the
default user profile†check box.
Now as i connected my machine in workgroup it boots up quikly. I enter
machine in our domain and boot the machine it took almost 10 mins atleast to
boot to explorer shell.
If i change to english language it is working.
If i change to franch language it is not working, same problem.

If i not select the „Apply all settings to the current user account and to
the default user profile†check box all language boots up quikly.

Plz Help

Eduard Herdt



Andy Allred [MS]

Service Pack1 had this problem and was fixed with a QFE several years ago
(check this link:

Service Pack2 should not exhibit this behavior. Please ensure you have
imported all the necessary SP2 MUI packs as well since this fix should be
rolled up into it.

Here are the files that were missing in SP1 fixed by the QFE above:

If these aren't in your SP2 MUI and you're not seeing them in your French
and German folders on the runtime i'd like you to do 2 things:
1. Import these QFEs for your affected MUI above, rebuild and see if they're
in your config now. this should fix the problem.
2. Send mail to our customer feedback alias: WECRT @ Microsoft.com, include
this thread and we will investigate whether this should be in SP2 mui or if
there's an expectation that all QFEs in SP1 were imported.

thank you


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