[Keyboard] - Could not load layout


Markus Fischbacher

Hi all!

I have a problem switching the keyboard layout in my xpe image (using the
control panel).
When i try to switch to e.g. Spanish, Windows shows the message "Windows
could not properly load the Spanish (Traditional Sort) keyboard layout".
It's only possible to switch to English and German layout without error

In my image i have added the following language specific components:
Codepage (all i found)
Language Support (all i found)
Fonts (all i found)
Keyboard (all i found)
Language (all i found)
User Locale (all i found)

The settings of the "Regional and Language Options":
User interface language: English
Standards and formats: German - Germany
Default input language: German - Germany
Language for non-Unicode programs: English - United States
Geographical location: Austria

Setting of each "Language Support" component:
Fonts (all possible fonts checked)
Code pages conversion tables (all possible tables checked)
Keyboard layouts (all possible layouts checked)

In my program i'm switching the language thru change of the "HKCU/Keyboard
Layout/Preload" registry key and a following relogon.
Changeing the value to German - 0407, English - 0409 or French/France - 040C
is working but not to e.g. Spanish (i've not tried all the other languages).
One thing is curious: I can switch to the French/France layout thru registry
altough i can't change it using the "control panel" (messag as shown above).

Has anyone an idea why this happens?

Thanks in advance for help!

Markus Fischbacher



Zirong Wang

still struggle with keyboard layout ?

since you have included all possible keyboards,
I would say it is a bug. but before state that, can you try the
following: (assuming you are using XPe SP2)

1. try XP SP2 WITHOUT language pack installed.
if it works, it is due to language pack.

2. try a plain XPe SP2 without any rollup package.
if it works, save your slx file, and upgrade component
by component to see which component is faulty.

3. on the last try:
try to generate an image with SP1 only and see if it works.
if yes, it is a bug in SP2, now good luck to get MS fix the bug

4. surrender.


Markus Fischbacher

Hi Zirong,

nice to read you :)

Yes, I still have troubles with the keyboard layout.
Since a few weeks we have a new customer in spain.
They need the spanish keyboard layout.
Our other customers are in Austria and Swizerland.
They use the german layout.
Because the german, english and french layouts are working, I thought that I
have solved the issue.

I didn't installed any languagepack.
My XP embedded install cd's are with SP1.
Afterward I downloaded the SP2 from the internet and installed it.
I didn't installed any rollup package explicitly (are these packages
compareable to fixes for XP?)

What are you thinking now?

Thx for help!


Zirong Wang


I can switch to spanish and french keyboard layout
without problem.

I am using XPe SP2, rollup package as of April 2006

I don't have the spanish keyboard to check the
actual layout but when hitting on a US keyboard,
I see some spanish specific character displayed on a notepad
(the 'N~' of ESPANA)
also, I know well french keyboard layout so I know that
the switch is ok, no windows error message.

are you sure to have included all the keyboard layout
components ?




Markus Fischbacher

I have found the problem.
The "IME Prototype" component was missing.
Now I can switch to the different keyboard layouts :)

Thx for Help!


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