Logitech Click! Optical Mouse <- excellent.


Skybuck Flying

Today I bought a Logitech Click! Optical Mouse for 25 euro's.

It has a cable and a laser and a wheel and a button to switch between
applications (which is kinda new for me, I dont think I need it but ok, I am
sure I ll find a use for it in the future or so, since all buttons can be
assigned to different actions) and it also has 2 mouse buttons.

It's bluewish/silverish.

It also came with a cd with software on it to configure the mouse.

And it has 5 year warranty !

The mouse looks rock steady/stable/robust and it is rock stable/robust.
(however the mouse cursor does jump a little bit around, probably because of
the laser or something... only while moving and it's ok).

I played a game the whole day ! (true combat elite <- best shooter so far
;)) to enjoy my new mouse.

Though the most enjoyment is simply in the windows menu's/applications etc.
( I set acceleration to off, default it's on low, which makes the mouse
overshoot a little when moving to buttons or so. I tested this on the first
minute I installed it so I deactived that.. maybe other persons get used to
it... but I just turn it off just to be sure ;))

Well while I am cruising through windows it's the mouse is having sex with
my hand lol !!!!

It costs very little energy to move the mouse around compared to my old
(ball) mouse. It's also a little bit heavier but that's good for some
reason. It makes the precision even higher !.

The clicks are also like having sex... a very soft click click click.


I just lovvvvveeeee playing with my new little moussieee wieeeeeeeeeee.

Belive it or not... it's an experience in itself ! wow !

And that's why I have to right about it.

Because alll good to excellent things deserve to be written about ! =D

This is the best 25 bucks I ever spent ! heeheheheheh.

I just can stop moving around... I love driving around with my mouse

Click move click wieeeeeeeee.

I looked at all mouses in the store and I just knew it right there and right
then this mouse is the best one of them all.

There was also one other mouse but I am glad I didnt buy that one... I would
have never bought that one... it didnt have any mouse buttons.. but just
some sheet around it... so I was like huh ? where are the mouse buttons...
so I asked the salesmen if he could show it to me... (even after I already
said I wanted this logitech mouse...)

I think the red mouse was from trust or so... a gamers mouse... <-bleh I
think it's probably a piece of junk which would die real fast and wear
off... if you know what I mean ;) I did have two sides buttons though. which
I dont want anyway since that s where my thumbs go to hold the mouse ! ;)
otherwise I would be pressing those mouse buttons on accident... tut tut tut

Well now it's my bedtime... and tomorrow I am gonna to work with my mouse
and I looking forward to it... a lot.

Yes this mouse is going to improve my life/work quality for 500 procent
lol.. ok slight exaggartion maybe... but ok ;)

Last tip from me: if you have a bad mouse or damaged mouse dont torture
yourself any longer and get a:

"Logitech Click! Optical Mouse" (with wire ofcourse, wireless <- sucks...
don't buy it... no battery power, no mouse ;) )

B-b-b-b-b,bye ,bye, bye,




all that crap bout a mouse? then its doubly stable and rock solid, but jumps
around but ONLY when you use it (let me guess your using it on a piece of
glass or better yet a mirror).

you sir are certifiable

Skybuck Flying


I just discovered something.

The mouse already works fast but now I discovered something else.

If I press the mouse wheel then it gets this scroll cursor.

And then when I move the mouse I can scroll faster than ever !

Like super fast... that's pretty handy in big documents or for example
outlook express folders/groups/messages etc... <- fricking neat ! =D

(I dont know if this is special logitech software or some microsoft
functionality ;) )


Skybuck Flying

Then I must have forgot about it, or I didn't have the right software
installed, since I never used it with my old mouse... or maybe it wasnt that
handy after al, oeh...




Skybuck Flying

No the mouse is on wood.

I have some explanations:

1. My hand is a bit shacky.

2. It's an optical illusion.

3. It's the wood.

4. The mouse is ultra precise.

5. It's the harddisk causing little delays.

6. I imagined it ;)

Whatever the case may be it's something very small and utterly unimportant.

The mouse works brilliantly... better than ever.



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