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I made a big mistake. My laptop with Windows 2000 was
configured with my work network domain. Each time I log
on I must Cntrl-Alt-Delete and put in my user ID and
password. I'm not certain how, but it somehow verifies
that information even when I am not connected to the
network. While trying to set up my home networking and
access a printer I changed the domain name on my laptop.
I changed it to the network I had set up on my other PC.
Now after rebooting, I cannot log on to my laptop. It
says that the user name, password, or domain are not
correct. It then sends me back to the Cntrl-Alt-Delete
and I begin the process again. Blank user ID and
password doesn't work and neither does the user ID and
password I have used for the past 3 months. How can I
get around this and put the old domain name back in the
system setup?

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

Bring your laptop back to work and ask the admin to re-join it to the
You didn't need to make this change, you know...you can access your
workgroup computer shares/printers without changing your computer's domain

You can't log in now unless you know the local admin login name & password -
and even if you do, you can't open your old profile or rejoin the domain
yourself at home.

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