Local Security Policy



I am trying to write a vb.net app that can read and/or write local
security policy settings on standalone workstations. BTW, counting on
domain group policy is not an option, since some of our workstations
do not sit on the network.

Anyway, I've been trying to use DirectoryServices to get at the
local security policy, but found I must specify the computer name and
a valid local user account to enumerate all of the values that I need
to check. This works, but it also implies that the settings such as
MinPasswordLength and PasswordAge are user specific, rather than set
at the computer level. Also, can someone tell me, are setting such as
MinPasswordLength written in the registry anywhere? I am convinced
they are not! Also, I am trying to setup Auditing, plus disable
several windows services that are not needed. Clearly I am missing
something here. Can someone school me, please!



Cor Ligthert


Did you know that there is a special securitiy newsgroup


I think that you have there a better change for an answer


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