local printer sending printouts to network printer device



Hi there,

I have a strange problem. This is the situation:

I have a printer connected locally to a client pc,
everything is standard... LPT1, W2k, domain network with
network printers, and so on.. Nothing out of the

The problem is that when I print to the local printer, it
sends the printouts to one of the network printers,
instead of printing to the local printer. It's very
strange. The network printer don't even have to be in the
printer list on the PC, in other words it's "not
installed" on that particular PC.. But it still prints to
that printer... However, if I log on locally to the PC,
not logging on to the domain, then it prints to the LPT

Why is this? I have never encountered such a problem
before, and I have tried reinstalling the local printer,
removing all network printer connections from the pc,
trying to print from cmd to the printer (not working)...

What might be the problem? And solution?


Tony Edgecombe

You probably have lpt1: mapped to a network path, try this at the command

net use lpt1: /delete


aaahh...how come I didn't think of that... *banging my
head into the wall* :)

Thanks for the help

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