Local printer prints to network printer



I am using a HP Laserjet 6 as my local printer. When I
print a document, it prints to a HP Laserjet 8000 network
printer that isn't even built into my list of printers.
Deleting and reinstalling the Laserjets 6 doesn't fix the
problem. The only way to fix is to go to the control
panel/device manager and delete the LPT1 port. Then re-
enable it and the autodiscovery finds my local printer.
It then works for about a day, and then starts printing
back to the network 8000 printer. Has anyone encountered
this before? Please help!

Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

at a command prompt type net use. You will see that at some time in the
past LPT was redirected to the network. Now that you have your LJ6
installed on LPT1: you will need to delete the redirection (net use lpt1:

E:\>net use

Status Local Remote Network
OK LPT1 \\ntprint\dec Microsoft Windows Network
Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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