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Bought 2nd User pc which had Win XP Prof on it, but no CD. Want to be legal
so bought new Win XP Prof CD. When I load CD, instead of overwriting old Win
XP Prof on C: hard drive, it loads new Win XP Prof on D: hard drive. Have
been able to remove new XP Prof, so am back to Square 1.

Tried using a Win 98 Boot floppy disk to reformat C: drive, to get rid of
old Win XP Prof. However, when I get to the point where I expect to be able
to run "Format C", I first run "Dir C:" etc, to check which disk has which id
letter, but neither hard drive is visible.

Any suggestions please. TIA

Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers

Hi Graham,

First, stop using the Win98 boot floppy. Instead boot the WinXP CD and enter
setup. Agree to the license (hit F8) and you should be at the point where
you choose the installation location. As you want a clean installation, this
is easy. Select the existing installation partition and delete it (if it
still exists), then create a new partition from the newly created free
space. Format (quick format is ok), and proceed with the installation. If
you cannot see either drive at this point, then either the hardware is not
configured correctly in the system BIOS or you possibly need a SATA driver
loaded from a boot floppy (hit F6 when prompted during installation setup).
The latter can usually be obtained from the web site of the motherboard

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Associate Expert - WindowsXP Expert Zone

Windows help - www.rickrogers.org


Sorry for slow response. XP loaded brilliantly, thanks to your method.
Everything okay now.

Regards and thanks

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