Literature for CF-Beginners



Hi all,

I just start programming in C# with Visual Studio 2005. Want to build a
GUI-Client application for Windows Mobile 2005. I need Database access
(maybe SQLite) and Http -or SOAP Connection to an Application-Server
(JBOSS). So xsd, wsdl, will be a topic.
My previous programming experience is C++/MFC, so I am not familiar
with the .NET world nor with Mobile Development!

Do you know a good easy to read book for starting with all this (my
English is not so good!)?
For example what is important when programming mobile clients?


Robert Wachtel

Hi Daniel,

assuming that you are a german native speaker I can recommend

Programmieren mit dem .NET Compact Framework
Author: Robert Panther
ISBN 3-7723-6528-0


Greetings from Cologne


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