I just inserted the LISTNUM field throughout multiple documents that many
people are going to be updating in the near future. I am wondering if there
are there any inherent problems with the LISTNUM field, like there are with
the Restart Numbering command in Word that we should know about?

I did not see any indications of major problems in the article "Restarting
List Numbering Using LISTNUM Fields," but see there is a note at the end of
the article -when styled paragraphs are pasted between documents, to "reset
the name on the list template linked to the style programmatically when
required." I need some clarification here. Does this just mean to reapply the
style name in the template when styles are updated or copied between

Are there any other factors we need to consider when using the LISTNUM field?



The note is referring to the name you can specify for a numbered list (in the
"ListNum field list name" in the Define New Multilevel List dialog box of
Word 2007, or the corresponding setting in previous versions of Word); the
name can be used to display numbers from a specific list template in a
LISTNUM field.

If you are using LISTNUMs without a name (for example: { LISTNUM \l 1 \s 0 }
to restart the "current" list), you don't need a LISTNUM name.

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