Nonbreaking Space and ListNum


Melanie Strom

I am using Word 2003.

When I enter a nonbreaking space after a ListNum field, the two split up
when the ListNum falls at the end of the line. So the ListNum field is on
the end of one line and the nonbreaking space begins the next line.

The Compatibility option for Don't add leading (extra space) between rows of
text is checked and Wrap trailing spaces to next line is not checked. How do
I keep the nonbreaking space with the ListNum field? Is there another way of
entering an automated number within a paragraph to allow the nonbreaking
space to work properly?

Stefan Blom

Nonbreaking spaces don't work with the LISTNUM field, unfortunately. This
bug is still present in Word 2007. :-(

The compatibility options that you mention are not related to the issue.
(Actually, "Don't add leading..." refers to spacing between text lines, not
to space characters.)

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