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May 13, 2005
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Hello friends,

I am using Windows XP with Intel Celeron 1.10GHz and 128MB SD-RAM. I have a 40GB HardDisk with 4 partitions (C,D,E,F). I have Windows XP installed in the C drive. Now I got RedHat Linux 9 CD and I want to install it in my F drive. To install Linux, I booted my PC from the first Linux install CD. I went upto the partition page. In the partition page I specified to partion manually. But, I am totally helpless on how to proceed furthur if want to keep the current HardDrive partions and to install it to the F drive. If I choose 'automatic partitioning' and selected 'Keep the current partitions' and then if I press Next the following critical error message appears,
'You have not defined a root partion(/), which is required for installation of RedHat Linux to continue'.

Please help me in solving this problem. Also specify me in detail the step by step proceedure on how to move further from the partitioning page in the Linux installation if I want to keep the current HardDrive partions and to install it to the F drive without loosing any data from other drives of my HardDrive.

Thanks a lot in advance!!!



sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Can you not select F drive as the one you want root to install to?

It may ask you to choose a space for a swap file as well. If so, create a small parition within F drive, about 500Mb, which will be G drive, and choose that for swap partition.

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