Linksys WUSB54G to Airport Extreme "unplugged"


Nick C Topolos

My son gave me a "Hand me down" PC with Win2000 Pro he used at a gaming
Co, to help me dowmload GPS updates. I have been a Apple/Mac person
since 1980. This combination did work for a while until a message came
on when logging on "if I wanted to update software?" I clicked "yes"
without really looking at the update. I was also trying to load a DVD
player around this time and just installed an AOL weather update. The PC
shows that the linksys is unplugged. Linksys (whom I could barely
understand) finally said it was a Mac problem and Mac said I would have
to pay $50 for them to help me. I have not tried to connect directly to
the ethernet yet. I am not sure if I want to bypass the Airport Extreme
or use the port on the back that an eMac is plugged into. I am fine with
my iBook. I really need a plan to attack this problem. Thank you


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