Linking Multiple Photo Story 3 files



sorry if this question has been asked already, I have about 900 digitial
pictures I'd like to build into one viewable DVD. The Photo Story 3 300 pic
limit really sucks. Was wondering if anyone has a better idea on how to do
this without losing a lot of quality. This is what I've done so far.

1. Built 3 separate Photo Stories with about 300 pics each. So I have 3 .WMV
photo story files at 640x480 resolution .
2. Used Movie Maker 2 to link them all together at NTSC (High Quality Video)
720x480 resolution creating a single final .WMV movie maker file.
3. Use WINAVI to convert the Movie Maker .WMV file to DVD format.
4. burn to DVD.

The quality of the output on the DVD seems to be not as good as the original
photo story WMV files, thinking I maybe losing some of it during Movie Maker
conversion. Does anybody have a better way to link multiple Photo Stories
together, like maybe using a VCD format instead. I really love the product.


If the final result is DVD then you should not be worried about linking them
into one continuous movie... Just use the small movies as chapters and
configure the DVD playaing settings so that it plays them one after the

You need to use something better than WinAVI to be able to use proper DVD
menuing options.

* Nero Vision Express
* Ulead Movie Factory
* Sonic MyDVD

all can do the DVD menus and chaptering.

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