limited user cannot run programs installed by admin



Our home computer runs Windows XP Home. My user account
is computer administrator. My daughter's account is
limited so she can't install software (or otherwise
tamper with the system). To install software such as
games or educational programs for her to use, I log on my
account. However, she is unable to run the programs when
logged into her own account. She gets a message such
as "Could not open/locate roster file" or "Unable to open
date file". I tried to work around this by changing her
account to computer administrator and reinstalling the
programs directly from her account, but this doesn't seem
to work because she continues getting the same error
message. Does anyone know how to fix this? I would
appreciate your help. Thanks!




I have a similar problem with Office 2000 not running on accounts without
administrator status. I got it to work by setting the account to
administrator, installing, then setting it back to user status. This is a
pain to do but did work for me so may be worth a try with your software.

Question: Why can't somebody from microsoft reply to questions like this?
Nobody replied to my similar post and I still can't work Office on the Guest
account because it can't be set temporarily to administrator status.

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