limited connectivity using RJ45



My IBM pc (xp home sp3) after doing the defragmentation (second time round),
I get limited connectivity problem using the ethernet cable. It was working
before defragmentation. I did a system clean up meaning clearing the
cookies,temp files etc as the web page was getting very slow to appear but
once its appear, I can use the pc as per normal.

I have run the malwarebyte scan and there was 1 trojan and deleted. Other
scan like spybot 1.6 give a clean bill.

Now when I launch the IE8, > diagnostic connectivity problem> you must be an
Administrator to use it which I never have to and I am the only user.
Alao when I launch the IE8, a black prompt box will appear for a split
second(blank inside) and disappear.

When I click the non connectivity icon in system tray>repair>renew IP
address>windows cannot finish the repair because it cannot complete renew the
IP address.

How can I resolve this issue thanks

Joan Archer

Have you tried a new cable, perhaps the one you have has developed a fault
in it plus don't forget that IE8 is still a beta so there may still be bugs
in it.


Cable is ok when I connect to another pc it can connect to internet. Scan
again nothing showing up. Funny I was able to go internet before doing the
defragmentation again.


Apparently the long cable I used have some breaks along the length and
experience intermittent lost connection.Once I change a new cable, the
problem was resolved.

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