Lexmark cartridges 10N0xxx


Damir Ulovec

Hello to all,
I'm totaly new in this group, and not familiar with your way of
corresponding, so forgive me if I do or wrote something wrong. I try to be
as articulate as I can (and sorry for my bad english).
I have Lexmark Z33 printer (about 2 years), and almost constant headache
about refilling his cartridges (especially color). I read some posts about
refilling Lexmark's cartridges, and found that is recommended to refill when
is about 25% ink left in the cartridge, to refill slow, to measure weight of
new - full cartridge, etc., but... Can anobody knows exact information about
needed or maximum amount of refill ink for next Lexmark cartridges in
mililiters (ml):
10N0216 (or 16)
10N0217 (or 17)
10N0226 (or 26)
10N0227 (or 27)
What's the main diference between 16 and 26 (17 and 27)? Does 1x have bigger
tank than 2x or vice versa?
And does those cartridges have some "electronic blockade" like some HP
cartridges or not?
I can't find that informations with Google. Any help will be appreciated.





Forget it

Lexmark has formulated the ink and chanalls in that particular inkjet head
that it clogg and sick so hard at the end of designed capacity. Somthing
simmilar would happened in you your car if you use dirty gass to the last
drop without proper prefilter sistem.

Simple as that. It is called fish bone effect.


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