large harddisk support



Hi all experts

I'd upgraded my PII BIOS to latest version so it can
supports 60GB hard drive. My BIOS detected this is new
60GB hard drive but when installed Win2k Pro, after
the "FIRST RESTART", it shows "NTLDR is missing, press
CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart". I partition it to 10GB but the
configuration table shows only 2000MB. What is the cause??
I re-partition it to 8GB but this time it shows "error
loading operating system". Why?

Please Help!



Dave Patrick

This is a hardware limitation and occurs independently of the operating
system. This should not be an issue on a newer computer if their BIOS
supports INT13 Extensions and this feature is turned on, which it is by
default. Also this article may help.

Setup Does Not Check for INT-13 Extensions Before Creating System Partition

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