Lack of Keyboard response


Sigurvin Olafsson

I hope that somebody is able to help to solve my strange problem. My problem
is that my keyboard on my laptop has suddenly stopped to respond to typing
of the character "@". Normally this is typed by pressing "Alt Gr and 2" but
now there is no response. All other characters which are typed by use of
the "Alt Gr" function are displayed without problem. I have also tried to
connect an other keyboard to my laptop but the result is the same. No other
problems related to the keyboard have been detected.
I have also made a full scan for viruses with no findings
My laptop is Dell Inspiration 9300 with Windows XP Professional SP2. No new
program installations have been made recently but I have , however, restored
my system as it was one week ago just in case but this has not helped.

I would very much appreciate if somebody is able to help me to restore the
ability to type this important "@" character (I am writing this on my desk
top - therefore I am able to type this character in this e-mail)

Sigurvin Olafsson.


try adding another keyboard ie english etc so that you have 2 choices of
keyboard layout, then choose the new keyboard layout , then go back to
your original keyboard layout see if that cures the problem, the
settings on xp are in the bottom of the toolber ie sv would be Swedish
keyboard etc,

if that fails do a system restore to when you knew it was working
properly, ie start, acces, system tools, restore.
Sigurvin Olafsson:

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