Hi there,
I've configured a PPTP VPN Connection in RRAS and had no problems. Got it
working through ISA as well so pretty happy so far.

From my understanding, PPTP is less secure than L2TP and I'm trying to
configure this type of VPN.

My problem is, I have no idea where to start...

I've searched the internet for How to Articles, but short of reading an 80
page white paper I've come up short (trying to avoid reading 80 pages cause I
can't take the laptop in the toilet to read it.....)

Does anyone know of any great articles or sites that talk you through L2TP
Server side and client side configuration?

I'd like to get this working under 2000 then try my luck under 2003...it's
not a production environment because I want to make and break it as best I
can while I'm learning it.

Any help would be appreciated...



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