Keyboard wont work during XP installation


Glenn W

I recieved an ADVENT 7086 laptop to repair when i switched it on it was half
way through xp installation asking regional and kb settings touchpad works
fine on this however next when it asks for serial key the keyboard wont
I tried installing from scratch and couldnt re-partition or format hdd due
to no keyboard, i tried external usb & PS/2 keyboards with no luck
I did install an unattended copy of windows hoping the problem would go away
to no avail
Any help at all would be great thanks

Bill Sanderson

That’s and interesting case... If you plug a usb drive in is it recognized?

So mice work, but keyboards do not?

You can, of course use the On Screen keyboard in accessability (or can
you...) but not during the install...

Offhand, I think this machine may need a new motherboard---although perhaps
just a keyboard. If it is possible to find a manual with sufficient
information to show you how to remove the keyboard for replacement, it might
be interesting to see if the external keyboards would work with the internal
keyboard disconnected.

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