Keyboard Locks Up


Michael C

I bought a Microsoft Wired Keyboard 500v1.0 a week ago. It's been working
fine. Tonight I logged off my machine, and went to reboot. I selected the
option to Install Updates and Restart (Automatic Updates). There were three
updates pending and they all apparently installed.

Coincidentally, now when I reboot the computer the keyboard is unresponsive
on the XP login screen, so I'm locked out of my PC. The keyboard is a PS/2
keyboard and the computer is running 32-bit XP, SP 2 + whatever updates were
installed automatically.

And oh, by the way, the keyboard will let me get into the BIOS configuration
at start-up. Is this Microsoft keyboard not approved for use with Windows?
Anyone have any ideas how I can get into my PC tonight? (Can't buy another
keyboard til tomorrow, it's too late here now).


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