Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth



A few days ago we installed the above together with the Mouse and Fingerprint
Reader, the supplied Intellitype Pro 5.2 software was updated to 5.5 from the
Microsoft website.

We are now informed by Microsoft Support that this keyboard will not access
the PC until Windows XP is booted, hence no facility to enter the BIOS Setup
during the bootup process.

If this is indeed the case, then either this keyboard must be replaced or
our old keyboard kept handy on the desk, surely a strange state of affairs.
It didn't say this on the box!



Thomas Wendell

How is it connected to the PC? USB ? In BIOS (with your old keyboard)
"Enable Legacy USB support", it might then work...

Most learned on these newsgroups
Helsinki, FINLAND
(translations from/to FI not always accurate

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