Keeping chart colours consistent between PowerPoint 2003 and 2007



I have just been forced to adopt PowerPoint 2007 (running on XP) after years
of sticking with 2003. The main reason I've resisted is because of the
problems with chart colours changing when I share documents with colleagues
or clients who are on PPT 2003, or when I edit documents created in PPT 2003.

I know that it is possible to insert charts using Microsoft Graph in 2007,
but these do not seem to hold their colours (we use custom colours).

I also know that there is a registry hack that defaults 2007 to Microsoft
Graph, but I've read that this doesn't solve the problem with the colours.

Does anyone know of a solution that will enable me to work in 2007 with
chart heavy documents that use custom colours, and to (1) edit documents my
colleagues have created in 2003 without the chart colours changing (2) create
documents with charts that can then be edited by my colleagues without the
colours changing, and (3) safely share them with clients with the colours


Echo S

I have not found a way to edit charts back and forth and maintain the

However, your #3 -- share files with clients with colors intact -- should
work. If you're not editing the charts (or reusing the slides), they should
maintain whatever colors they were saved with.

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Thanks Echo and Steve.

I thought that might be the answer, and am grateful to have it confirmed so
that I can stop spending time trying to find a solution!

Thanks, Steve, for the idea about Virtual PC ... that might be a good
compromise. I will investigate further. Problem is, the whole reason I went
to Office 07 in the first place was the fact that it's not possible to buy
single user licenses for 03 ... only packs of 5 which we don't really need.



Well, according to our IT guy you can still buy five-packs ... but we're in
Australia, and he hasn't got back to me to confirm price or availability, so
there's a chance he was talking before investigating.

If I get confirmation, I'll post.


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