jpg files will not open



This has been aired before, by many. I wonder if a solution is available yet.

Using Windows XP, updated to SP3, my photos are in several different folders
and sub-folders, but NOT in "My Photographs", or whatever the Windows
original folder was called.

In Windows Explorer, for all these folders, if I select View/Details, all my
photos are listed. All show sensible file sizes

However, most of my photos will NOT appear as Thumbnails in Windows
Explorer, although some will. When they do not appear as thumbnails, only
the thumbnail icons appear, together with the file names.

Within one particular folder, some photos appear as thumbnails, whereas
others do not. They are all .jpg files

When I click on a photo which does appear as a THUMBNAIL, then it opens in
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. When I click on a photo ICON, the Windows
Picture and Fax Viewer opens, with just the error message “No preview

The problem only started for me sometime during summer 2008. However there
have been several previous postings on this subject, going back to about
Jan2005, and up to about Nov07. It is therefore clearly a problem caused not
only by RECENT Windows updates. I have tried all of the suggested cures I
can find, but none has worked in my case, and none of the solutions so far
appears to get to the root cause of the problem. It is a problem that was
probably initiated at some definite point in time. Photographs I imported
recently behave as they should.

If I copy all my photographs onto a USB Flash Memory, and open this on
another (Vista) computer, I get exactly the same result.

I did update my OLYMPUS Master software to OLYMPUS Master 2 earlier this
year. This worked at first, but it too has now failed. All I get when I try
to start it is the error message: -“The part of function can not be used
because different version of Add-on Software is exist. Update software first
before using it.â€

Unfortunately OLYMPUS Master 2 does not contain an “Uninstall†function, and
the software download does not contain a “Repair†function. When I download
the latest OLYMPUS Master2, and attempt to install it, I get the message:
-“Your OLYMPUS Master 2 has already been installed the latest version. There
is no need for you to update it.†I am reluctant to simply delete the
program in case this just makes matters worse. So far emails to Olympus have
not resulted in any helpful advice.

How can I get ALL my photos to show as thumbnails, and to open properly in
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?

What caused the problem in the first place, so that I can avoid making the
same mistake again?


If you have tried the photos that wont open or show thumbnails on a vista PC
then I would think there is something wrong with the photos. You could try a
free picture viewer but I think that may give the same problem.

What I'm thinking if two operating systems give the same result then the
pictures are corrupt.

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