When I start Windows my messenger want sign in. Then I click sign in,
it comes up with ERROR 0X81000365, I click trouble shoot and it always
signs in but does not sign in next time until I repeat the process.


Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Greetings Oliver,

This usually indicates that you have a proxy server setup. If you click the Tools menu, then
Options, then Connection tab, make sure that you don't have a proxy setup.

Even if there is no proxy setup there, Messenger will attempt to use Internet Explorer's
proxy settings initially (and this is what the wizard may be bypassing). Assuming you're
using some type of cable/DSL-like LAN connection, you may want to open Internet Explorer,
click the Tools menu, then Internet Options, click the Connections tab, then LAN Settings,
and uncheck the proxy setting there (or even the automatic setting if that's on).
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