Can't sign into MSN Messenger errorcode 0x81000365

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Klaas Peereboom

Since a couple of weeks I get the error code 0x81000365, when I try to sign
in with MSN Messenger. I use MSN Messenger 6.2. With Windows Messenger
however I can sign in without any problem.
Anyone a clue?


Youre only suppose to be running one or the other,not both at same time.
Why use msn messenger anyway,its really for msn explorer (a dial-up ISP).
You can get the Windows Messenger add in download from microsoft getting
you all msn messenger benifits w/o the installation.


Possibly A FireWall, If You Have A FireWall Turn It Off
And Try
Could Be Secure Sites, Although I'm Sure Win Messenger
Requires To Be Able To Connect To Secure Sites, There Are
Differences Between The Two. Try Running Start>Run>
regsvr32 softpub.dll
Check Your MSN Messenger Proxy Settings, In Messenger,
Tools>Options>Connections. Make Sure There Is Not A
CheckMark In "I Use A Proxy Server" Unless You Know You
Do And What It Is.
Check Internet Explorer Security Settings, Reset All To
Default, As Well As Privacy And Advanced Settings
- Not Guarenteeing Will Sign In, But Might As Well Check

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