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Hi everyone, I need help to prevent automatic sign in for messenger 4.3, my
son had been using my computer at some stage and he remains signed in on my
computer, I have signed him out and gone as far as uninstalling messenger and
re-installing new messenger. This does not remove him and he is unable to
sign into his account because he remains signed in on my computer. fed up
answering his contacts, they must think I am thick, click this click that,

Jonathan Kay [MVP]


Probably what's happening is his Passport/Windows Live ID credentials have been saved in your

To remove them, click the Start Button, then click the Control Panel. Then, click User
Accounts in the Control Panel. Select the Windows account name in question, and then on the
left side of the screen, under Related Tasks, click 'Manage my Network Passwords'. In the
window that opens,
click the Passport.Net\* (Passport) entry and click 'Remove'.

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Hi Jonathan thank you for your help, went about changing log in using your
advice, my settings were slightly different but got the grasp of what I had
to do and now its shows my name instead of my son's name, cannot imagine how
his log in info got there in the first place so a BIG THANK YOU to you
JONATHAN, you know your stuff.
Many Thanks Norman.

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