Jerky mouse pointer motion, plus other goodies



Hello all and thanks in advance for the time you might spend reading this
post and thinking about it.

The problem has showed up some time now, it kept getting worse until I
decided to look into it. At that point I realized that it wasn't the fault
of a firewall/antivirus suite I was using which I initially thought was too
heavy for my system. I uninstalled it completely, but the problem is still
there. Also, the system is clear from viruses, trojans, spyware, etc...
checked dozens of times with each and every commercial suite and utility out
there. The system is an Athlon XP 2400, 1GB ram, WinXP Pro, more details can
be provided.

The problem: On an explorer window, details view, I *click*, that is, just
click, on a large file, say a DivX .avi of 700 MBs. From the instant I click
and until a time period of several tens of seconds, the window is stale, the
mouse pointer motion is jerky (as if mouse messages are processed at a very
slow rate), the system responds very slowly (ctrl-alt-del brings up task
manager after several seconds), window drawing is very slow, explorer.exe
takes up unusual amounts of cpu time for unusualy long time, and other
similarly wonderful effects. The problem stops after a while (40-50 seconds)
at which time I must close the window or the problem continues if I go on
working with the window. Also, it is impossible to delete the file, explorer
always reports that it is being used by some other process, regardless of
how much time I wait between clicking on the file and hitting the del
button. The problem also shows up, at less intensity and duration though, at
several other occasions, too: Shift-clicking on an html link to open a new
browser window, CTRL-Xing a large set of large files, sometimes even when
clicking on the Start button.

I cannot think of anything that seems related to the beginning of this
condition, neither can I think of a way to describe it better no matter how
weird my description sounds (at such times I wish English was my native
language :) ). Before proceeding to a clean install of WinXP on a formatted
system, I would at least like to know what the heck might be causing such

Needless to say that this is *the* *absolutely* *most* *annoying* and
*counter-productive* thing I have ever had to put up with during the last 18
years I am professionally into computers and programming.

Any ideas?



I have similar problem.

Try removing your mouse driver files in the Add and Remove and then
reboot without any mouse driver. Usually if the mouse is USB, WinXP
will work without any driver. Try and see if that works.

If so then add drivers and see if problem returns.

Good luck.

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