Java 1.5_15 plugin does not load in IE 6.0 SP1



I am having an issue with a group of machines at work and their inability to
load the java plugin when accessing content on one of my servers. We have 2
different sets of machines, our whitebox machines and our blackbox machines.
Unfortuantly, these groups of computers had their image created before I
came onboard so I am not sure of all the configurations that were made. All
that I do know is that the whitebox's are able to access the website with the
java content and load the plugin fine without any issues whatsoever.
I have spent a lot of time searching the web for a solution that would work,
but have failed greatly.

The boxes are Windows 2000 SP4 running IE 6.0 SP1 with JRE 1.5_15. The site
is not running https. The website is in the Trusted Sites and from my checks,
the configurations of both the whitebox and blackbox are the same (java is
checked in IE Options\Security, active x scripting is enabled, etc...
everything in IE Options match up). I've uninstalled\reinstalled the JRE
several times with no luck.

I am very close to scrapping this and building a brand new image to deploy,
but am looking for a last minute fix before proceeding with this plan.

If anyone has any ideas, or needs more clarification as to what I have
installed\configured...please let me know.

Thank you,





I went ahead and rebuilt the image and was able to access the site on the
server without any issues. But if anyone has and ideas about this, feel free
to let me know for future reference.

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