IE7 - Vista - UAC - Java Snot



OK Now Folks... this is the most peculiar situation I've encountered to date
with Visa/IE... Here's what I've done and here's what's going on... I'm
trying to access NOAA radars with IE7. NOAA radars are Java applets...

An example can be found here:

I updated Java to 1.6U7 and applets have subsequently failed... so I...

Uninstalled all versions of Java
Deleted the Java folder under Program Files
Reset ALL of IE7 to defaults... inlcuding the master reset to defaults (made
sure activex controls, jre, etc. we're reenabled)
Downloaded and installed JRE 1.6U7 using the manual java installer (with AV
disabled and run as administrator)


Java applets (including NOAA radars) work fine in FireFox for ALL USERS
Java applets (including NOAA radars) work fine in IE7 in ANOTHER USER (not
admin) on this same computer
Java applets (including NOAA radars) DO NOT WORK in IE7 for MY (admin) user
on this computer

CONCLUSION... there is something "user specific" in either IE or VISTA or
JAVA that's blocking this funtionality... If I only knew what !!!!!

If I turn of User Account Control (UAC)... the problem
goes away... Where's the bug ?? Security Policy perhaps ? I'm running
32-bit Ultimate SP1


Done all that... something's wrong in UAC !

IE - Tools - Manage Add-on - Enable those that say Java


No, never tried it... I didn't think you could install plug-ins or programs
from a user account... well... you can, but what happens is that UAC will
ask for the administrators permission... interesting concept... for now on
my machine... UAC is toast !


that clarifies it to some degree, yet not sure how one can get really
granular in allowing certain java apps to run without having to fully turn
off UAC.

after an auto update of java my users cannot run a certain java app now
without turning off UAC for the user. i can see the java app in the terminal
debug window and the problem being perm/access.

so how does one in Vista allow certain apps under this security policy
without turning off UAC for the user?


Jan 31, 2009
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ssvhelper is responsible

I've made some more research and:

After reinstalling (removing and installing again) Java works until I receive a pop-up from UAC saying

A program needs your permission to continue
Java Runtime Environment 6 update 11 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
„C:\Program Files\Java\\jre6\bin\ssvagent.exe” –old –high

If I choose “continue” Java gets blocked (to unblock must be reinstalled)
If I choose “cancel” Java works fine.

Getting this pop-up is quite annoying, but if Java™ Plug-in SSV Helper is turned off in add-ons menu in IE the pop-up is gone.

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