Is there an SBA/BCM combined group?



Should I post in both? Is there a newsgroup set up specifically for
combo SBA/BCM users?

Ironically, this question resembles the issue that I have with SBA and
BCM. Why don't they share more information between programs?

ie. If I update an Account's address and it is "Linked to Accounting",
then why doesn't it update in SBA?

Why do I have contacts in SBA and BCM? It is annoying to have to
maintain info in both locations (and newsgroups).




The answer is they each use a separate database. Don't ask me why and I
agree it's annoying. Thinking about working on at least something that would
allow you to synch the contacts between each of the databases when I get time.


Hi John,
If you read the BCM group many of the posts are not initiated by small
business owners. IMO...
Your q makes perfect sense in that wherever you enter a
customer/contact/opportunity there should be an option "do you want to
synchronize now?"
For now, our best option and practice has been to add accounts in BCM first
then link to accounting (since the link only goes ones way) then add the
account as a customer. Everyone follows this procedure manually.
Post in and read both since they are 2 separate apps, but integrate. You can
always turn an annoyance into an opportunity...

Chris Schatte


Problem with me not only lies in the fact that entering accounts. I do that
as well. But I find myself needing to add contacts. The address changes,
phone numbers change etc.

I think they really need to look at this oversite and base the two products
off the same database. A key selling point for me is product integration and
being able to maintain and utilize things such as contacts in one central

If you integrate the two products this is something key in my opinion that
needs to be addressed.

At least for now it's an opportunity for a 3rd party to come up with a synch
utility that does this.

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