Using more than one company in SBA and BCM



Im not sure exactly what would be the easiest way to handle this and I would
like some suggestions on this...

I have two companies in SBA and would like to use both companies in outlook
with BCM. Currently I have a lot of business contacts in one company file
and in bcm and I just started a new company with little business contacts. I
was using bcm mainly to track emails to and from these business contacts in
outlook before getting sba. Now that I added the 2nd company and also SBA I
can only view one company, one database of bcm, and work in one instance of
outlook at a time. This is really a big pain in the rear especially since i
receive emails from both companies and now it will only track one at a time
in outlook and bcm.

I was thinking to merge the business contacts from the smaller company to
the larger one in bcm so that I can continue to track the emails for both
sets of business contacts at once. I would then tag the smaller company in a
group or something to know which contacts are for each company. I have
linked the company accounts from sBA into BCM and would just switch the
company i am linking to each time i need to get financials for a particular
contact instead of switching databases, linked to sba etc.

Does anyone have any other way of doing this or is this my only option at
this time. I am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.

Leonid S. Knyshov

Is. said:
Im not sure exactly what would be the easiest way to handle this and I would
like some suggestions on this...

Perhaps you would like to create a second Outlook profile?

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Mail (you may need to switch to classic view
to find it)

Then you can make a new instance of BCM in that profile and correlate it to
the appropriate company in SBA.

For all intents that would be an entirely separate entity from your other
Outlook profile. You can then choose which profile Outlook should load on

Here is an article from Microsoft.

You will also want this article: (the final part of it talks
about creating new BCM databases)


Doing that had crossed my mind and I gave it a good consideration. I was
wondering though how much trouble it would be when I am sending and receiving
emails etc since right now I have everything set up to go to folders etc. It
will be something I will have to try and see how it works out.

Thank you for your response.

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