Is there a way to have Outlook 2007 search all address lists?



I've tried googling and searching these forums and still have not found a
complete answer.
If I create a new email and put in the address bar joseph and then hit ctrl
+ k, I only pull from the Global Address List (GAL). I have contacts in
additional address books, but if I type in -joseph (minus sign before the
name) then Outlook pulls from the other personal address lists. What I want
to know is, is there a way to have outlook search all of the address lists
(GAL and personal)? I would like to have Outlook 2007 pull from all of the
lists and display all possible 'joseph' entries.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

No. By necessity autoresolution is designed to stop searching other folders
once a match is found. You can't change that.

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