Is there a text limit to "credits" custom amimation?



I have a very long quote that I would like to have scroll on one ppt slide.
When using the custom animation "credits", the words in the text box stop 2/3
of the way through. I am using Office 2007. Does anyone have any



I understand there is a two slide height limit to the credit animation. Try
a 'crawl in' or 'fly in' from bottom instead & adjust speed accordingly.
Alternatively see here:
Create MOVIE CREDITS-style crawling text
or here:
Create Star Wars Credits in PowerPoint


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Feb 1, 2018
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The credits animation has a finite amount of space. You can play with the size of the font and the space between lines to fit your “credits” in. However, if you want to really have some fun, you can set up multiple credits slides and just overlap them to have a nearly seamless scrolling experience. Using this method there is no limit to the length of the credit scroll. The only pause in the action comes when a “credit” comes to the end of the slide. As soon as it stops you just push the button again and the next credits slide begins. The overlapping process is a little tedious but fun to play with.

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