Iomega 100 Zip Drive


Mike Mettler

Running Windows XP and looking for the drivers for Iomega
100 Zip Drive Parallel Port. Can anyone help.

What do I do if my Zip® drive is not detected?

If your Iomega® Zip® drive is not detected by your
operating system, this document will direct you to the
correct documentation to troubleshoot your drive and
operating system. This document will only troubleshoot a
drive that does not have a drive letter or does not
mount. If you are having other symptoms (problems reading
or writing a disk, etc.) use the following link to search
for the problem

Daniel L. Belton

Mike said:
Running Windows XP and looking for the drivers for Iomega
100 Zip Drive Parallel Port. Can anyone help.

I saw someplace that the parallel port drive is not supported on XP or
2000 machines. Iomega decided not to develop drivers for it.

I could be wrong on this, but I am fairly certain I saw this someplace...

John E. Carty

Also, you may need to enable detection of legacy devices for this port in
Device Manager :)

John E. Carty


Bob Harris

IOEGA has a driver file set generically called "Iomegaware". It contains
drivers for most of their products, certainly at least ZIP and JAZ.
Download the latest version and install it. See if they have a companion
set of instructions, since sometimes you need to install drivers first, then
hardware, and sometimes the reverse.

However, my own experiences with a parallel port ZIP indicate that it must
own the parallel port. It will not share it with a printer, at least not
without a lot of tweaking and rebooting.

Depending on what your time is worth, you might be a lot happier getting a
USB ZIP. Those are automatically supported by XP. Just plug in while at
the windows desktop and in a few seconds it will be ready to use.

Also, USB pen drives are fast becoming an alternative to ZIP.

Daniel L. Belton


John E. Carty

Daniel L. Belton said:
I guess that they did decide to support them :) I haven't really looked
at their site in awhile since my parallel port drive gave up several
years ago and I went with the internal ATAPI 250 mb drive.

I also have the 250MB internal unit. Can't even remember the last time I
used the 100MB parallel port drive, as it seems every where I use the disks
(though I sometimes have to use the 100MB ones) they have internal drives.

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