intranet proxy config




Is it possible to configure IE to use a proxy server for one intranet
address and not to use it for all other intranet addresses?
eg for http://intranet1 (and all internt traffic) to use the proxy server
settings, but all other intranet sites to bypass the proxy server?

We are using an application that caches an intranet site to speed up WAN
access, but requires that the clients use the proxy address to contact it. So
the IE clients need the proxy server to access this intranet site, but all
other intranet sites should bypass the proxy server.

thanks in advance

Jon Kennedy

I don't think you can do what you want, just by IE's proxy settings alone.
You'll have to write a custom Proxy Autoconfiguration (.pac) file. See
these for more info:

Or, this article may be helpfu re your application you mentioned:

How to use autoproxy in managed code

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