IE6 looses automtic configuration




Since about one week allusers can't open our intranet web sites using IE6
SP2, Windows XP SP2. All other websites are just working fine.
IE 6 is configured to use automatic configuration from ISA 2004EESP2. When
starting IE6 everything works fine. It gets told about the proxy server to
be used. After accessing the first intranet page (using java script), the
browser fails to reach any other web page (intranet or internet). Deleted
all cookies, temporyry folders, ...). Also disabled usage usage of third
party extension, no change.

USed network monitor to sniff teh data packages sent/received by the client.
It looks like the browser just stops using the automatic configuration
settings and tries to reach the web site directly (not using the proxy).
Could see the client starting a DNS query. Based on the page it tries to
open, sometimes the name could be resolved by the client. But the client
than couldn't reach the web server. That's OK,but why does IE6 stop using the

Any ideas?

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