problems with isa 2000 exceptions



We are using ie6 and isa server 2000 and put some exceptions in our internet
explorer, 192.168.*;10.*;*.intranet

the case is , if we try to acces a machine in the 10* range with his fqdn it
passes trough isa server, if we try to access with the ip or with the
hostname it accesses directly (as we want). the domain name of the machine is
not in the exceptions , but is in the 10* range.

any clues?, how ie6 evaluates exceptions?, we tried to clear the "bypass
proxy addresses for local networks" with no luck.

thanx for your help


Rob, it turned to be how iexplorer processes urls, if the url contains a dot
it authomatically puts it trough proxy coz he thinks is a fqdn.


thanx for your reply.

information is like sex if good is fantastic if not.... oh... better than

rob^_^ said:
Hi Jason,

Hosts file?


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