Intranet email headers?



I was wondering if there were specific email headers that I can view
to be certain an in house employee actually sent a "nasty" email to
another in house employee. The employee that allegedly sent the email
says they did not and I thought that his/her password might have been
compromised and that someone could have set up a quick outlook profile
and sent an email "on behalf of them"

Needless to say I know there is a specific way to open the .MSG file
that I have saved and view the hidden header. I can open the MSG file
into my outlook and click options >> view and nothing is displayed in
the header box, but I am certain there is a way to get QUITE a bit
more information out of the email then just that.

Any help would be excellent!



Roady [MVP]

Not for an internal message as they don't have an Internet Header; they
never went over the Internet but were delivered directly on Exchange. You'll
have to look at the message log on the Exchange server instead.

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