Internet sharing via Win2000 server & broadband router



My Company running a Win2000 Domain network for file& print sharing
I need to setup an internet sharing among 10 win2000 workstations.
As I don't want to connect my win2000 server direct to the ADSL Modem
I've bought a sercomm broadband router w/ firewall and
connect as below:

win2000 server(Domain Controller, DHCP,NAT)
Lan#1 IP: IP) Lan#2 IP: IP)
SubnetMask: SubnetMask:
Gateway: Gateway:
| |
| |
win2000 workstation-A Sercomm Broadband Router /w Firewall
IP: IP: (Static IP)
SubnetMask: SubnetMask:
Gateway: |
ADSL Modem

the problem is only the server can connect to the internet but not
other workstations
If I type on my IE browser to access the Router
Adminstration Page,
I can see "win2000 server(, workstation-A("
has already connected to the router.
Obvisously, the DHCP from Router has already assigned IP to

From workstation-A, I can connect to (the Router
Adminstration Page),
and also able to ping the ADSL modem IP ( but can't ping
which is assigned by the router.

am i got wrong setting here or...?

thanks in advance~


Marc Reynolds [MSFT]

Remove the default gateway from the win2000 server Lan# 1 NIC. You should
only have one default gateway on this server.


Marc Reynolds
Microsoft Technical Support

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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